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Surfshark VPN Review – User-Friendly Service


Short Information

Number of servers1040+
Server locations60+
Maximum devices supportedUnlimited
LogsNo Logs
Support24/7 Live Chat
Supported Client SoftwareWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux,
Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Amazon Fire TV
Block AdsYes

Surfshark is one of the relatively new VPNs on the block that is quickly getting its act together to topple the leading names in the industry. Based in Tortola in British Virgin Islands (BVI), it was established in 2018. A close look at the operational base of the organization shows that has an office in the United Kingdom. Just to stay competitive, it has incorporated most of the features that many subscribers want to see in their ideal VPNs.

As you continue reading, you will understand the perks that make this service one of the favorites in the world today. While it offers lots of mouthwatering benefits, we must not fail to mention that it also has some shortcomings. Now, the all-important question is, are the setbacks too big for us not to recommend it? Without giving a straight “yes” or “no” answer to the question, we will have to walk you through all there is to know about it to help you make an informed decision.

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Key Features of Surfshark VPN

The VPN has certain key features that make it one of the most sought-after products on the market today. In fact, those are some of the main perks of Surfshark VPN. These include 1040+ servers hosted in many server locations, no-logs policy and refunds payment, allows peer-to-peer, circumvents leading streaming sites, has multiple protocols, allows multiple connection of devices, etc. All of these benefits endear it to many would-be users who continuously fall over themselves to subscribe to it.

Server Network

The company has its footprints scattered globally to offer many key functions. With over 1040 servers worldwide, the company is visibly present in Europe, The Americas, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. Unfortunately, company didn’t give the precise number of servers it has in each location where it is present. With that being said, a tour of its coverage the world over shows that it has a good number of servers in the US.

The locations they are hosted in the US include Georgia, New York, California, Florida, etc. Elsewhere in Europe, the details on its website indicate that its coverage spans 36 countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands. With respect to the way its servers are distributed in the Middle East and Africa, it is physically present in Israel, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, among other countries. Lastly, this company also has a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, etc.

From the details above, it is abundantly clear that Surfshark has made concerted efforts to attend to the growing needs of its users worldwide. Well, it is crucial that such companies have wide coverage.

First and foremost, a firm with such vast coverage offers better services than those that do not. In other words, a service firm that has a vast server distribution will experience less congestion when many users are connected at the same time. So, the company that boasts more servers will have better speed as bandwidth will not be shared among its users.

Conversely, a firm with just a few servers may have to throttle some subscribers just to accommodate everyone. In addition to that, your actual location will always affect your speed. That is, the closer you are to the network, the better your speed. So, it is commendable to see the company putting the necessary measures in place to advance its server coverage along lengths and breadths of the world.

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Security and Privacy

In addition to making an effort to expand its footprint the world over, service firms ensure that their users enjoy maximum security. A vast majority of these people subscribe to encrypted networks that wouldn’t compromise their online security. In this segment, we will review the efforts the firm has made in this regard.

  • Kill Switch

Does its community enjoy a kill switch? Well, the answer is simply “yes.” In case you don’t know, an internet kill switch is a traffic-controlling function. It is an advanced security feature that terminates the flow of data whenever the encrypted service is interrupted, thus ensuring that your traffic isn’t exposed to the wrong eyes. If this is integrated into a network, it means that you can suspend its traffic when the VPN starts having technical hitches.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see VPN firms promise 100% uptime, but that always ends up a mirage. The Surfshark kill switch continuously monitors your connection so that it will protect your traffic if the connection accidentally drops. Much like the technology encrypts your data and ensures that your traffic is routed through a secure passageway, its kill switch is the last line of defense against any unforeseen network failures.

With the Kill Switch, you don’t have to worry about accidental exposure of your IP address and other information to prying eyes. With Surfshark, it is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. To activate it, you have to check the kill switch option.

  • Split tunneling

If you have an Android or Windows device, you have nothing to worry about as you will enjoy split tunneling in Surfshark. Known as Whitelister in this service, split tunneling is a multifunctional feature that allows you to decide how to route their traffic. Put simply, you can determine which traffic routes through your VPN tunnel and the one that goes through your ISP by selecting the appropriate apps.

As you know, your VPN should not allow you to tunnel traffic through any other server besides its server as a way of keeping your identity masked. But then, if it offers this split tunneling feature, the rules change. When you activate the function, it will considerably improve your speed.

In addition to improving your speed, split tunneling increases your security as you get to decide what your ISP sees and what it does not. You can decide to how to access websites as well. With this network, using the function is extremely safe as long as you are being careful about it.

  • Encryption standard

Back in 2015, US National Security Agency (NSA) stopped recommending AES-128 for encrypting top-secret documents. Ever since, it has lost its relevance in the industry. As recommended by the US secret service, this is one of the VPNs that has embraced top-notch technology for improving users’ privacy and anonymity.

Also called military-grade encryption, AES 256-GCM ensures that your data is masked in a way that your ISP, government, or hackers can decrypt its contents. Yes, it is far better than the good old AES-128 encryption technology because it is just impenetrable. With respect to the protocol, the industry considers PP2TP and L2TP as outdated technology. So, this product uses TLS and IKEv2 with OpenVPN. Looking at IKEv2, it is considered very fast and stable – which explains why it is common in the Surfshark community.

By and large, Surfshark recommends IKEv2 for mobile devices, OpenVPN as a reliable open-source classic and Shadowsocks as a top-tier choice for those in countries with draconian internet laws. Here, IKEv2 runs on MacOS, Android, Windows, iOS and Fire TV apps.

On the other hand, OpenVPN runs on long-distance connection and operating systems. With regard to platforms, the provider recommends it to Android, Windows, iOS, Fire TV and Linux. To bypass the Great Firewall of China, the best bet is to go for Shadowsocks, and it is only available on Windows and Android platforms.

  • DNS leak protection

One of the things you want to look out for is to ensure that there is no DNS leak whatsoever. According to one survey, 58% of the world’s population have access to the internet. In precise terms, over 4.4 billion people have access to the Internet. Well, many of these people are greatly exposed to lots of online vulnerabilities – thanks to cybercriminals. However, you can change the narrative with the aid of the VPN firm.

But the network that can deliver such service must offer DNS leak protection. Aside from protecting you from hackers, DNS leak protection ensures that your ISP doesn’t know what you do online. To be ensure that your data is not compromised, you will have to run a DNS test. Well, we did that, too. By and large, Surfshark doesn’t expose your DNS because it has DNS and leak protection. Sure, it works well.

Also, it has a feature called Camouflage Mode, which makes your traffic appear “normal” to avert suspicion. With that, you can be sure that your IP address is protected. Upon running the leak protection, we found out that this service doesn’t allow data to leak once your device is run through it! You can also do an independent test using relevant webtools.

  • Wi-Fi protection

Public Wi-Fi facilities are increasingly becoming dangerous as lurkers can easily connect to them. When you connect to them, you become the prime target of hackers as they see it as a goldmine. From an airport lounge to coffee bar, bistro to college, gas station to a motel, your smart device is likely to detect a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

In short, when you share such a Wi-Fi hotspot with cybercriminals, you become vulnerable as they can steal your private information (login, bank, photos and videos, home address, etc.). Of the most common methods of stealing your information, hackers mainly use man-in-the-middle (MITM).

Through that method, they can create fake public Wi-Fi hotspots to deceive users into connecting to them. Alternatively, they use pocket sniffing software to steal important information from these users. When you join such networks, your private accounts, banking information, passwords, and username will end up with those thieves.

Make no mistake about it, all public Wi-Fi hotspots are hackable, hence they are tagged “untrusted.” However, Surfshark helps you to channel your traffic through its encrypted tunnel. Once this is done, your connection is tamperproof. As a result, hackers will only see encrypted data when they try to tamper with your account.

  • TOR compatibility

Well, TOR means The Onion Router. It is a distributed platform run by a global community of sophisticated techies. If an encrypted service is connected to TOR, it means that the user is getting an extra layer of encryption. More importantly, it is resistant to government meddling. You can use the TOR browser to access the Internet and enjoy high-level security.

Nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that the technology has some flaws. For instance, the TOR platform is notorious for being the most commonly used technology for accessing the dark web. Consequently, it is globally considered 100% illegal. Sure, many authoritarian regimes have publicly outlawed its use in their domains. Funnily enough, the NSA is capable of compromising the TOR community, leaving Windows digital files vulnerable.

Well, you can create a medium, linking the two encrypted networks together. The creation of a TOR and VPN is known as Onion over VPN. Well, this is available here. With a TOR/Surfshark connection, your security cannot be compromised because both the government and ISPs cannot detect the user’s access to TOR. While TOR is somewhat regarded as being safe, it is greatly improved when it is linked with Surfshark VPN.

Moreover, TOR/Surfshark connection reduces your speed and overall VPN performance. That’s the “sacrifice” that comes with using Onion over Surfshark.

  • Malware blocker

One of the perks you get to enjoy when you subscribe to Surfshark is having access to CleanWeb. Yes, CleanWeb is the name given to the malware blocker here. Whenever you are online, you will always notice ads popping up every now and then. As you know, those popup ads could be scams, malware, spyware, etc. If you click on that ad, it will redirect you to a site where the senders steal your sensitive information.

But then, you don’t have to worry as this service blocks all of these malicious ads. The feature is available in all of the most popular operating systems. It helps you to get rid of malicious links, averts phishing attempts, and reduces the rate at which you consume your mobile data. With respect to the last benefit, you are well aware that those ads waste your data as they keep appearing every now and then. With CleanWeb, you can get rid of them for good.

  • Logging policy

A service provider can offer IP and DNS leak protection, but users’ privacy is at risk if it logs records. Put simply, one of the functions you must look out for in your ideal VPN is its logging policy. Also known as privacy policy, a logging policy is a detailed explanation of what such an organization does with its subscribers’ personal information. To walk you through logging policies, we will break them down from three critical angles:

  • Policy details

Here, we analyze the policies that the company has formulated to protect its users from lurkers. If you haven’t used VPN service before, what they do with your personal information should matter to you because some of them are involved in some illicit activities. As a would-be subscriber, these unscrupulous frays are capable of undermining your personal security. Have you ever imagined what happens to your data if the organization sells it to a third-party company? Some of them sell users’ data to the highest bidders.

The idea is to use the proceeds of such transactions to foot their bills. From our findings, these providers usually collect your name, email address, physical addresses, payment details, IP addresses, etc. Here’s the catch: While a good number of these companies admit to logging user’s personal information, others do not. The industry best practice is that every good VPN company must have a no-logs or zero-logs policy, meaning that they don’t log users’ data.

  • Jurisdiction

Additionally, you must find out the physical location of your preferred VPN. It must matter to you as there are some jurisdictions that are a not good for hosting such firms. The reasoning behind this is that they have data retention laws. Moreover, there is a global alliance known as the 5/9/14-Eye Alliance. The 5/9/14-Eye Alliance mandates its member nations to gather intelligence on internet users in their jurisdictions and share it with the rest when need arises.

Therefore, if a member nation can gather your personal information, the information will be distributed throughout this network. The members include the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. If your provider is based in any of these countries, you have a good reason to be worried sick.

  • Reputation

Just like every other business out there, reputation means a lot in the VPN space. For example, if a VPN company has been involved in illegal activities or working with government authorities, then it is not reputable. The truth is that nobody should ever consider subscribing to a VPN service that has given government officials some information just to apprehend one of its users.

While that could be a commendable move geared toward improving national security, it is an outright breach of trust. Secondly, these service firms are increasingly embracing the idea of inviting reputable third-party companies to audit their operations. After each audit, the report is made public in order to gain confidence and build trust.

  • Getting Hands-on With Surfshark

First of all, we had to assess this service from the privacy policy perspective. Surfshark claims that it doesn’t log your data. However, a close observation shows that it does. But then, the reason for keeping such records is to improve its network. So, it is a good thing that the company admits to logging some users’ information to improve their experience in one clause. Some of the details that this VPN maintains include email address and other login parameters.

Other information it logs includes performance data, billing information, and crash reports. Again, according the provider, the essence is to ensure that it enhances its user experience. On the flipside, we must commend this company for using all of the security features discussed earlier to improve its users’ safety day in, day out. In addition to that, it spells out that it does not log IP addresses, browsing history, bandwidth consumption, time stamps, traffic, etc. Once again, we must establish here that the best VPN companies are those that don’t record any logs.

With respect to jurisdiction, Surfshark is based on the British Virgin Islands, which is a territory that the United Kingdom oversees. According to its Terms of Service, all legal disputes involving the firm will be resolved in courts based in the territory. The good thing is that the island has no data retention laws and administers its own internal affairs.

However, we must make it abundantly clear that the BVI is under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the UK is a member of the 5-Eye Alliance. So, it is safe to assume that the UK can subject the territory under immense pressure to have its way. Without a doubt, this should be a cause for concern for all those looking to subscribe to this VPN.

Finally, we must commend the company for auditing its browser extensions and making the findings of the audit public. The audit, which took place within five days, was carried out by leading cybersecurity and penetration testing firm Cure53. According to German cybersecurity firm, Surfshark plugins have two major security flaws. The report pointed out that the add-on was out of scope as well as experiencing an “unexploitable vulnerability.” The details of the report are readily available online.

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Surfshark Speed

Server LocationDownload SpeedUpload Speed
New York19.30 Mbps8.59 Mbps
Amsterdam50 Mbps29.24 Mbps
London68.49 Mbps8.91 Mbps
Hong Kong39.59 Mbps2.52 Mbps

Speed is yet another factor you must look out for in your ideal VPN because you need it to do virtually everything online. For instance, you need speed to download and upload files, make and receive calls, chat, and do other fun things. As a result, we performed a speed test on Surfshark using four different server locations. Now, we will briefly explain how the whole thing went.

In keeping with our tradition, we started the speed test with the server in New York. We weren’t impressed with its speeds as the download speed sat at 19.30 Mbps while the upload speed was 8.59 Mbps. In truth, these results are nowhere near impressive when you compare them to those of top-rated encrypted service providers.

The next stop was Amsterdam, a city in the Netherlands, Europe. We performed the same test on the Amsterdam-based server, ensuring that the parameters remained constant. To our surprise, we were startled with the performance of the Amsterdam server as its download speed spiked to 50 Mbps. In a similar vein, its upload speed tanked to 29.24 Mbps. In fact, these results are heartwarming as it simply entails that users would have a great time accessing the Internet from the city.

Moving on, we proceeded to the next location, which is London. Like we always perform the test, this is to give us an idea of what it feels like accessing the Internet from another European city. Well, we noticed an appreciable improvement in the download speed. Well, we recorded 68.49 Mbps and 8.91 Mbps as download speed and upload speed respectively. Unarguably, one can say from the speed results that while the download speed is good, the upload speed is nothing to write home about.

Finally, we did a test on the server in Hong Kong, leaving all of the parameters constant. From our previous speed results, the Chinese city always has a poor speed performance. So, we were right about Hong Kong as the download speed was 39.59 Mbps and upload speed dropped to 2.52 Mbps. For some reason, the servers in Hong Kong do not always have breakneck speeds. This is one of the not-so-good results we got when we performed the test.

  • Summary of Speed

Well, we have to summarize the tests with a few takeaways. From our speed results, we can categorically state that Surfshark speed is fairly okay. Looking at the results closely, one can state that they are inconsistent. Put simply, the speed tests showed some variations among the locations when they are juxtaposed.

Besides that, we were disappointed with the New York server due to its poor speed. With respect to the average speed of the four cities we sampled, the average download speed was 44.35 Mbps while the average upload speed was 12.32 Mbps. From these calculations, it is abundantly clear that the speed of Surfshark is relatively okay.

Despite both download and upload speeds not being impressive, you will have an awesome internet experience with on this encrypted network because the speed is fine. But then, it cannot be compared with those premium services. Like we always note here, it is very normal for VPN to slow down the speed of your ISP (local network) the moment a connection is established.

Well, other factors that may affect a network speed include source speed (speed of ISP), user’s location and computer’s processing speed. What this entails is that you can perform the speed test and get an entirely different result as the parameters are not the same. In conclusion, this encrypted service has a relatively good speed, so users can still do a lot with it. As regards our rating, we will give it 7/10.

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Customer Service

Customer Service

24-hour supportYes
Type of supportLive Chat
Free trial periodNo
Money-back guarantee30-day

Every good VPN provider must have effective customer service so as to provide customers with technical support and answers to their questions. However, many of the encrypted service providers claim to have this feature whereas they do not have it in reality. Consequently, there are certain yardsticks we use to measure how effective customer service is. Let’s quickly dissect them.

  • Quick response to messages

A good cybersecurity firm must respond to its messages quickly. Truly, swift response to messages is very crucial to VPN users, especially in times of emergency. Apart from emergencies, some agents provide remote configuration services. So, it is okay for newbies to contact them at once and receive responses in a flash.

Similarly, prospective users keep reaching out to agents for technical support every now and then. A good cybersecurity must have a helpdesk that is capable of proffering solutions the moment complaints come as it goes to show that they are knowledgeable, helpful and bankable.

  • 24/7 availability

Every good helpdesk must be available round the clock. Notice that VPN users are scattered around the world, meaning that the agents must be working all the time to attend to these users. Because the users have different time zones, the provider must be readily available to support them whenever the users need help. So, it should offer online real-time interaction via its live chat support. You can share your technical hitches or questions with them and get responses anytime of the day.

  • Many communication mediums

Lastly, a good VPN firm must be accessible via multiple communication mediums. These channels include email, live chat, contact form, social media, etc. Lately, some providers are increasingly incorporating telephone calls.

We must emphasize that having multiple communication channels is one thing, but responding to messages via those mediums early enough is quite another. Also, its knowledge base should be rich to answer a good number of questions that people are likely to ask. When that is achieved, it reduces the chances of people always contacting the helpdesk.

  • Hands-on with Surfshark Customer Service

In this segment, we put Surfshark to the test to assess how effective or otherwise its customer service is. Notice that the company is based on the British Virgin Islands. Starting with 24/7 availability, we contacted the service via its live chat at 9:23 PM local time to make some inquiries about its service including questions about its money-back guarantee policy. Well, we got a response a couple of minutes later saying that the firm honors it within 30 days.

The thing is, it was pretty easy to notice that the agent was friendly and helpful. Though 30 days may be a long time, we must appreciate this firm for having such a policy as well as honoring it. This is one of the ways it wins user’s confidence. With this we were able to find out that it offers 24/7 service and responds to messages swiftly.

To run a test on the other communication channels, we contacted the Surfshark team via email. In the email, we made some other inquiries about the company, including its free trial period. Essentially, we needed an official confirmation and to assess their response time on email. We got feedback seven hours later explaining that they don’t have a free trial period.

With regard to its response time, the email response time was relatively okay in comparison with other encrypted services we have assessed. We must point out, however, that the agent who responded to our email ensured that they gave a detailed explanation with a link to learn more about its services on the FAQ page (to be discussed later). We advise that you send emails if you need a detailed explanation to technical questions but use live chat support if you need urgent answers or assistance.

Furthermore, we have to mention that this service has a FAQ page. Upon visiting the page, you will find out that it answers lots of interesting questions about Surfshark. The page contains over 15 different articles that give hands-on explanations on how to get certain things done. For instance, if you are having some technical challenges with the client installation, you can always visit the page to see how it breaks down do-it-yourself stuff including step-by-step installations.

But then, you can still contact the team if you are not satisfied with the detailed explanation on the page or need some hands-on support. So, we advise you to check the page first before contacting the helpdesk. Moving on, we must not fail to mention that this service is constantly expanding its availability. Today, it has added Turkish, Korean, and Ukrainian to the list of languages on its official website.

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Supported Client Software















It makes perfect sense if Surfshark supports a wide spectrum of devices so as to carry many would-be users along. Now, let’s find out what operating systems this service supports.

  • Windows

If you are a Windows OS user, your operating system is a top priority for this service. For you to join the Surfshark family, you must have Windows 7 and later versions. The app underwent a UI change, making the interface look super excellent. While this operating system has support for OpenVPN, it comes with IKEv2 by default.

Other things we found out when we downloaded, installed, and tested it that it features kill switch, split tunneling (otherwise known as Whitelister), malware blocker (or CleanWeb), Multihop, etc. There is also a built-in IPv4 and IPv6 protective mechanism and that the kill switch is not available by default. Over port 443, you make a switch between OpenVPN UDP and TCP in order to make your traffic look like the regular HTTPS traffic.

  • Linux

You can always join millions of Surfshark users around the world to improve your online security by downloading, installing, and configuring this app on your Linux systems. This command-line app was launched recently and is available on Debian and Ubuntu. To be precise, the app works on all Ubuntu versions starting from version 18 and later while it is available on Debian OS starting from version 9 and later. You can install it from your NetworkManager.

Just like the Windows OS, the Linux app users will enjoy lots of perks, including ad blocker, Multihop, etc. From the Settings, you can select OpenVPN UDP or TCP. Connecting to the app is as easy as ABC as all you just have to do is to click on the Quick Connect tab. All the instructional guidelines for installing this app is available on its official website.

  • macOS

The macOS family is not left out as Surfshark is readily available to them. You can get started by visiting the Apple App Store on your computer to download and install this client. You should note that it exists as a .dmg file on the website. The client uses IKEv2 as the default protocol, but you can also opt for OpenVPN.

Keep in mind that this app uses system firewall rules. Other features that you are bound to enjoy include kill switch, unlimited bandwidth, P2P support, CleanWeb, AES-256 encryption, IPV6 leak protection, and Wi-Fi Connect. To key into this service on your macOS computer, you must have macOS 10.12 or the later version.

  • Android

To get started with its client for Android OS, you will visit Google Play Store from your device to download and install the app. When you have done that, you will launch the app on your mobile device. Similar to the desktop version, the Surfshark client for Android has IKEv2 by default but offers an alternative support for OpenVPN.

Other fascinating features include CleanWeb, Whitelister, Shadowsocks, etc. Another eye-popping feature that comes with this app is the built-in GPS location function. To enjoy the client, you must have Android OS 5.0 or the later versions. You can always connect or disconnect from the Connect or Disconnect button. Released in July 2018, this app has reached over 1 million downloads on Google Play Store.

  • iOS

You can visit the Apple Store from your device to download and install the Surfshark client on iPhone and iPad. To join the family, you must have iOS 9.0 or the later versions. Upon downloading and installing this app, you can login and connect by tapping the Connect tab. Yes, you can disconnect from the Disconnect tab.

You can contact the customer service if you have any troubles connecting to a server of your choice. When you have this app running on your device, you will have access to CleanWeb, AES-256 encryption, unlimited devices, lots of servers, etc.

  • Amazon Firestick

You can set up your Amazon Fire TV on Surfshark to ensure that it gets all the perks this service has on offer. Note that the first generation of the device is not compatible with the VPN. However, you will follow a clear-cut seven-step process to link the device to your VPN if you have the later version. When you are done, you start enjoying lots of fascinating features. Well, you will have access to CleanWeb, automatic connection, crash tracking, etc.

  • Router

There are certain devices that are not compatible with a VPN. These devices include your game consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation. Others are Western Digital Live TV, Google TV, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Kindle/Readers, etc. However, you can connect your router to Surfshark while you link the rest of the aforementioned devices to your protected router.

But then, this is only possible if you have certain routers like ASUS, DD-WRT and Tomato. The installation and activation processes are straightforward, so you will be done in a couple of minutes. You can connect as many devices as you want even as it uses OpenVPN.

Browser Extensions








Surfshark has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. As we mentioned earlier, these add-ons have been independently audited by a German cybersecurity firm, Cure53. The auditing firm found two major bugs with the software.

Just to find out how effective these browser extensions are, we tested the Chrome add-on. We downloaded and installed the Chrome plugin on our Windows 10 computer. Upon testing the plugin, most of the features worked well. More importantly, we must point out that the plugins offer WebRTC protection.

Similar to Chrome extension, Surfshark plugin for Firefox is also good. You can have it running on your device using a simple 3-step process. You can always click on “Connect” to securely have access to the Internet from the Firefox browser. With respect to Surfshark plugins for Chrome and Firefox, these extensions have CleanWeb as an option and use HTTPS.

They are also useful for obfuscating your IP address and split tunneling. You can browse the web anonymously, select any server of your choice, and keep malware at bay using the browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

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Torrenting with Surfshark VPN

Whenever you wish to seed torrent, you can always do that using the Surfshark network. What the encrypted network does for you is that it keeps your identity hidden. It is important to keep your identity masked because most torrenters share copyrighted materials without the consent of their owners, leading to controversies, fines, and ligation.

In many countries, torrenting is clearly outlawed with heavy penalties awaiting defaulters. But then, the law varies from one country to another. Nevertheless, this service offers topnotch protection to P2P downloads. Plus, it is compatible with many P2P clients including BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze, etc. With the aid of Surfshark, you can conveniently access many different P2P sites.

As stated earlier, many of such sites are restricted in lots of countries, but Surfshark allows you to access it without looking over your shoulders. Good examples are ThePirateBay and LimeTorrents. You can enjoy torrenting with the VPN when you connect to servers in the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, etc.

Netflix Access with Surfshark VPN

You can catch your entertaining flicks and TV series on Netflix using Surfshark VPN. Yes, this British Virgin Islands-based cybersecurity company is capable of unblocking the firewalls of the American streaming giant. You probably know that only US residents can access the files from American company Netflix, which has the biggest movie-streaming catalog. But this encrypted service can help you unlock Netflix from anywhere in the world.

With its above-average speed, you will enjoy the high-definition motion pictures in the comfort of your home or office. We all know how annoying stream could be when it goes buffering. Much as the streaming company is always looking to block viewers who use VPNs to access their site, Surfshark is obviously on top of its game.

The thing is, this cybersecurity firm has many servers that you can use to bypass the streaming site. These servers are in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands, etc. Go on and enjoy 4k movies and TV series in the comfort of your home with the aid of Surfshark VPN. Sure, we tried it, and it worked well.

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Surfshark VPN Cons

Having come thus far, it is important we discuss some Surfshark drawbacks.

  • Privacy policy

While it has never been linked to an ignoble event or shady dealings, we must point out that Surfshark’s location in the British Virgin Islands is a cause for concern. Earlier, we discussed why that should matter to anyone who wants to go for this service.

  • Few server networks

Most premium services have between 3,000 and 5,000 servers around the world, but this service has just over 1,000 servers. By all standards, a need exists for this service to ramp up its footprints. Before now, we discussed the importance of having a vast network of servers hosted the world over.


In truth, this review has been a long read because we did extensive tests and carried out research into this service. Some of the fascinating features we can snag away include above-average speed, security, unblocking capability, torrenting support, good customer service and multiplatform support. Conversely, though one can easily forgo its relatively low server distributions, we must make it abundantly clear that its location remains a source of worry.

So, do we recommend it? Yes, we do! Here’s the thing: It doesn’t have a free trial period, but this VPN has a money-back guarantee of 30 days. So, you should go ahead and give it a try for 30 days. If you are not impressed with its performance, you can ask for a refund.

The fact of the matter is that we subscribed to Surfshark just to have hands-on experience of the service. Without mincing words, we enjoyed it. Therefore, you should go on and place an order now! Afterward, do not hesitate to share your experience with us.

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