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Trust Zone VPN Review – One of the Best Anonymous VPN

Short Information

Number of servers156
Server locations87
Maximum devices supported3 but can connect more for extra price
LogsNo Logs
SupportBy E-mail
Supported Client SoftwareWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux
Block AdsNo

Trust.Zone is a relatively new VPN provider, which is ready to compete with such important players as ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access. The VPN considers itself one of the best services for anonymity on the network, which will not allow the government or an ISP to track users. Trust.Zone founded in 2014 in Seychelles by Trusted Solutions Ltd. VPN also states that it does not store logs of user activity.

Trust.Zone is based on Victoria Island in Mahe, Seychelles. This is an excellent option if you value privacy. Seychelles are not required to comply with data storage laws, which makes it an excellent place for a VPN provider.

These islands are liberal when it comes to the internet and do not require the collection of information about their residents. Because of their geographical location, they enjoy much greater freedom than the United States or the European Union, where the government can monitor users and receive personal data from Internet service providers.

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Key Features of Trust.Zone

Trust.Zone provides 156 servers at 87 sites, even in countries such as South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand. A small drawback is that there is only one server on the South American and African continents.

The VPN service is compatible with many operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.Offers kill switch, which makes it possible to hide your activity in case of an unexpected failure of the internet connection, for example when using Wi-Fi in a public place.

Thanks to the kill switch, your ISP will not be able to know what you are doing on the network. Users using paid subscriptions to Trust.Zone can connect 3 devices simultaneously or 5 devices if you have a 2-year subscription. But for additional people it is possible to connect more devices. There is also a 3-day trial period for 1 GB of information.

Server Network

It cannot be over-emphasized that when a VPN provider has many servers spread around the world, its subscribers are likely to get the most out of the service. This is because users want to effortlessly unlock the geoblocked sites of their choice from the comfort of their homes.

So this is more likely to happen if a VPN has a global footprint. In addition, a VPN service that has many servers will certainly offer better bandwidth. So subscribers will get value for their money. Also it will be faster because there will be less congestion around its server.

As far as Trust.Zone VPN is concerned, it is a relatively small VPN service that allows users to access the Internet securely. Today, things have changed as the Seychelles-based VPN provider now has 156 servers hosted in 87 sites. That’s incredible!

This shows without a doubt that the VPN is still growing. Despite this significant growth, we have to note that it is far behind the major VPNs in the field of server distribution, with between 3,000 and 5,000 VPN servers. Today, Trust.Zone completely covers North America and Europe.

On the other hand, it is less present in Asia (India, Hong Kong, China, etc.) and Africa (South Africa). An overview of the distribution of its servers shows the following countries: the United States (7), the United Kingdom (4), the Netherlands (4), Canada (7), Australia (8), France (3), etc.

Security & Privacy

Since security and confidentiality are very important in the VPN space, we will discuss in detail the measures Trust.Zone VPN has put in place to achieve this.

  • Encryption

You don’t want to be caught using a VPN service that still relies on outdated encryption and VPN protocols. This means that your online activities can be completely unraveled using advanced decryption tools. To this end, Trust.Zone uses OpenVPN, which comes with AES-256 encryption to prevent prying eyes from dwelling on your online activities.

Fundamentally known as “military-grade encryption”, AES-256 encrypts your data so that only Trust.Zone and your smart device can decrypt the content of your traffic. Another VPN protocol you can get from this service is L2TP/IPsec.

  • Kill Switch

A Kill Switch is a feature that is offered by default in most high-end VPN services. If a Kill Switch is embedded in a network, it means that you can suspend its traffic when the VPN starts having technical problems. Although most VPNs promise 100% uptime, it is undeniable that they may experience technical problems.

Therefore, the Kill Switch protects your IP address and data when the encrypted network starts to break down. Yes, Trust.Zone VPN is equipped with it, which means you have absolutely no reason to worry about network downtime.

  • Leak protection

You may wonder if Trust.Zone VPN has DNS leak protection, the answer is simply YES. For those who don’t know, DNS leakage protection means that Trust.Zone moves your traffic through its secure channel, making it impossible for your ISP to know what you’re doing online. It’s one of the basic services that most VPNs offer. It is an extra effort to ensure that your data remains secure and that your identity (IP address) remains hidden.

  • TOR compatibility

Despite the fact that Trust.Zone is relatively young, it is a VPN that allows compatibility with Tor. This is interesting because there are other VPNs that are much older in the industry but don’t offer the service yet. When you build your connection around Trust.Zone and the Tor browser, you’re practically making your connection more secure.

If you’re one of the technicians looking to connect your VPN to the Tor Browser, you can do so with Trust.Zone because it offers perfect compatibility for that. You can start the process by connecting your computer to Trust.Zone and then to the Tor network. In the end, you’ll be able to surf the Internet safely.

  • Other features

Although you usually see a lot of other features in the premium services, Trust.Zone lacks some security features. Some of these missing features include ad and malware blocking, split tunneling, and more.

On the bright side, we are very optimistic that these features will be included in the future. Note that this service is still new in the industry and has shown some commitment to continuous improvement since its launch.

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Logging Policy

Simply put, logging policies describe how a VPN company manages subscriber data and what it does with it, if anything. As a VPN user, what your VPN provider does with your data should matter to you, because one of the most important reasons to pay for VPN services is to enjoy a high level of online security, anonymity and privacy.

In other words, if the VPN provider keeps your logs, this is a problem because there is a good chance that they will sell your private information to advertising companies or give it to government authorities when there is a court order to do so. 

In places where Internet surveillance laws are draconian, the government cannot require a court order before using brute force to obtain this information. Therefore, any effective VPN must have a no-connection policy.

When a VPN has a “zero log-in” policy, it simply means that it does not retain details of user logins. This means that when the government requests the data, the cybersecurity company has nothing to share with local authorities. However, Internet laws vary from country to country.

As far as Trust.Zone is concerned, part of its logging policy is “All our VPN servers worldwide do not store any log files to protect your privacy.” Obviously, this says everything you need to know about this service because there is no other clause that counters its claim not to keep your logs. It is safe to say that Trust.Zone does not keep records, such as name, phone number, locations, etc., that are not kept by Trust.Zone. 

More importantly, it is based in Seychelles, an archipelago of over 100 islands off the coast of Africa. Of course, we can state with authority that the island is not a member of any intelligence-gathering alliance such as the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliances.

In other words, the government doesn’t really care what you do online or take an interest in the activities of VPN companies just to intimidate, collect logs and share them with other countries when such information is requested. Yes, that’s a plus for Trust.Zone VPN!

Trust.Zone Speed

Server LocationDownload SpeedUpload Speed
European Countries68 Mbps46 Mbps
US60 Mbps36 Mbps

When it comes to speed, the importance of speed in everything you do online cannot be overemphasized. This explains why one of the most important factors to consider in your ideal VPN is excellent speed. To test the Trust.Zone VPN, we used two servers, one in Europe and one in the United States.

We started with the server in Europe, and the results we got were amazing. According to the table, you can see that our download speed was 68 Mbps while the upload speed was 46 Mbps.

Without mincing your words, this simply means that you will certainly have a great experience of streaming, chatting and downloading files (like music and movies). When it comes to streaming, you need a fast server to provide an unbuffered viewing experience, which Trust.Zone mirrors.

We went to the server hosted in the US for the next speed test. We noticed a slight drop in speed. As you can see on the table, the download speed was 60 Mbps while the upload speed was relatively stable at 36 Mbps. The truth is that even though the speeds have decreased a bit, the overall performance is still superb. There is no doubt that you can do a lot with such excellent speeds.

  • Summary of speed

It’s really commendable that despite the relatively small number of servers Trust.Zone can boast of, its speed remains at the forefront. Indeed, our results indicate that the average download speed of the two servers we tested remained stable at 64 Mbps while the average upload speed was 41 Mbps. These results, by all criteria, remain remarkable, as one would generally expect these ultra-fast speeds to come only from high-end VPNs.

While we can deduce that Trust.Zone is far from being a high-end VPN category at the moment, we must congratulate the team for doing an impressive job on the speed front. No wonder Trust.Zone presents itself as “The one you can count on”. Yes, you can count on it when it comes to speed.

Eventually, you may notice a drop in your network speed the minute you connect to this VPN. In truth, this is completely normal. However, what we consider abnormal is when the speed drops to an abysmal level. Simply put, the disparity between the speed before and after the connection should be negligible. We should add that during the speed test, the latency remained low. 

Nevertheless, the connection speed is surprisingly resilient. That being said, there are some factors that influence server speed. These factors include your network connection, your location, and the processing speed of your computer. So you should always keep this in mind.

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Trust.Zone Customer Service

Customer Service

24-hour supportNo
Type of supportBy E-mail
Free trial period3 day (1 GB information)
Money-back guarantee10-day

Have you ever wondered what you’ll do when your VPN starts acting up? Yes, the answer is crystal clear: you contact customer service. You know, the help desk team puts a human face on VPN service because you get to interact with a real human being – not a pre-programmed answer. So when you’re looking for the right VPN for your device, you need to pay attention to customer service. 

You already know why, don’t you? Great! Since this is very important for the VPN space, every good VPN has effective customer service. Although most claim to have effective customer service agents, nothing could be further from the truth. However, there is a yardstick to measure effective customer service. These are listed below:

  • Multiple communication channels (email, live chat, contact form, social media, etc.)
  • Working 24/7
  • Quick response to messages (questions and complaints).

We already know your amazing question: Does Trust.Zone falls into the category of what we consider an effective VPN? Well, we refer you to the chart that will serve as our guide.

First of all, the Trust.Zone VPN has NO 24-hour support, which clearly shows that it has failed in this area. This means that you will have to wait a long time for answers to messages – no matter how urgent they are. That’s not so cool! But there is another way to contact them: e-mail. We sent them an e-mail just to find out how long it takes them to respond to e-mails.

In the email, we tried to confirm the duration of their free trial period. We received an answer about 20 hours later, saying “3 days”. The agent added that you would get 1 GB of bandwidth during the trial period.

This means that you can get the application for free and try it for 3 days to make sure the price is worth it. If you think it is, then you can place an order. On the other hand, if you think the price is too high, you don’t have to buy it. In that case, you will probably have to try another VPN.

Other channels you can use to contact them are their Facebook and contact form. When we tried the Facebook account, we didn’t get any response about 2 days later. So we tried the contact form. The question was how long it would take the team to honor their money-back guarantee policy.

About 19 hours later, they answered it was “10 days”. As you can see, while other well-established VPNs refund unsatisfied users in 30 days, Trust.Zone does it in only 10 days. Yes, that’s another advantage! It also has a FAQ page that answers many questions about its terms of service.

Supported Client Software











Any good VPN must be able to rely on a set of operating systems. The reason is that their potential users may have different platforms. In order to overcome this barrier, they must have clients for a number of platforms. Now let’s take a look at the operating systems supported by Trust.Zone.

  • Windows

If you are using a Windows computer, you should always keep in mind that the Trust.Zone client is easily accessible for your device. Downloading and installing the Windows client is quick and easy. For the software to work on your system, you must have Windows 7 and later operating system.

The illustrated step-by-step installation guide is available on the Trust.Zone website. Once you have it, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of this VPN service.

  • Linux

There is Trust.Zone support for your operating system. Note that you will need to download the OpenVPN configuration file in .ovpn format during the installation process. You will need to visit the Trust.Zone website for step-by-step installation instructions. When you follow the 12-step process, you will run it on your Linux Mint 17.1, Ubuntu, Ubuntu 16 or Manjaro system.

  • macOS

Apple computer users are not left out. Although the client is not yet available, the VPN supports it. You can join the family of Trust.Zone VPN users who secure their online activities and unlock tons of geoblocked services with a simple installation process.

Then you can get the VPN up and running on your system in no time. For this operating system, you’ll have MacOS X that works with OpenVPN, or you can opt for L2TP/IPsec, whichever you prefer. In addition, it requires manual configuration.

  • Android

You can download and install the Trust.Zone client for Android. By doing so, you practically make your mobile device super secure. You can visit Google Play from your mobile device and download this application. The advantage is that you don’t have to configure it manually.

Trust.Zone works on ports 21, 22, 80, etc. With just one click, you can run it on your mobile device. Launched in 2018, the Android client works with Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and all ISPs. With over 10,000 downloads, you can be sure that your Android 4.4 (KitKat) and later is protected.

  • iOS

You can now better protect and access the Internet with Trust.Zone for iOS. This application works with OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec. From your settings, you can follow the installation steps explained in detail on the Trust.Zone website. In addition to having it on your iOS smartphones, the wizard also works well with iPads.   

  • Router

You are probably wondering whether this VPN works with routers. Of course, you don’t need to think about it anymore, because it just works. On your router, you have to choose between OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec. However, you must have a DD-WRT router for this service to work properly.

In addition, you will have to configure the client manually. The other routers it works with are Rogos Core, Tomato, and Asus Merlin. You can also connect special devices to this VPN. These include Smart TV, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick, PlayStation, etc.

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Browser Extensions





In December 2019, this relatively young VPN launched its browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. You can visit the Google Play Store to download the extensions. When you download and install this add-on, you can be sure to get anonymous access to the Internet.

Your IP address will also be hidden and your Internet connection will be protected. You need to be careful: While browser extensions only protect your online activities, the software/application protects your entire computer. Therefore, it is best to have both in your system.

Torrenting with Trust.Zone

If you like torrents, you probably already know that torrents are considered illegal in many countries of the world. However, these countries tend to focus on downloaded content. The focus is on content, as there is a growing concern that most torrents are downloading and sharing pirated P2P files without the consent of their legitimate owners. As a result, the government, in conjunction with the production companies, is looking for violators in order to punish or fine them. 

According to these governments, this is intended to serve as a deterrent to online copyright infringers. In other words, if you like to share P2P files using the BitTorrent protocol, you can be apprehended and punished for this depending on your jurisdiction. In Australia and EU countries, these violations are taken seriously.

You should therefore use a VPN to protect your identity when accessing torrent websites. The good thing is that Trust.Zone allows you to make the torrent the way you want at no extra cost. Although it doesn’t promote it as one of the benefits it offers, you should keep in mind that Trust.Zone allows P2P torrent on its servers. 

This is interesting because some VPNs do not allow it. In some cases, they limit the way subscribers make torrent on their network. Just before the torrent, we strongly advise you to check the local laws regarding the torrent in your jurisdiction.

However, Trust.Zone does not have dedicated servers, as you can use any of its servers for the torrent, making it one of the most efficient VPNs for the torrent. As mentioned above, P2P file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol could result in legal action or heavy fines in some countries.  

Netflix Access with Trust.Zone

From the outset of this review, we made it clear that Trust.Zone is not a high-end VPN. Now you will probably wonder if this service can unlock American Netflix. Yes, it is surprisingly possible. To put this in context, if you live outside the United States, you cannot access American Netflix.

If you live outside of Canada, you can’t access the Canadian Netflix catalog. That’s how the cookie crumbles! Each Netflix site is designed to serve the people of this country. However, viewers are increasingly seeking access to American Netflix as it houses its largest library.

Unfortunately, no one can access it outside of the United States. But you can use a VPN to unblock US Netflix’s firewalls and explore its catalog. Yes, this is the solution, and you can do it with Trust.Zone. It has dedicated servers based in the US to bypass Netflix firewalls. Keep in mind, however, that the US streaming giant frowns on people who use a VPN or any proxy server for that matter to access its catalog. 

Therefore, if you are caught doing this, your IP address will be blocked immediately. For your information, a team of experts is blocking these people. Despite this, Trust.Zone can bypass US Netflix and allow you to enjoy its blockbusters and interesting TV series. Now that’s great!

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Trust.Zone Cons

On your way here, you must have seen the most crucial features that Trust.Zone brings to your devices. This time we’re going to look at some of its shortcomings.

  • Customer service

Although this VPN offers relatively good customer service, the fact that there is no live chat support is still a huge drawback. Subscribers don’t get a quick response to their messages, especially when it’s an emergency. Our findings indicate that it takes them almost 24 hours to respond to messages. That’s a no-no!

  • Small pockets of servers

VPNs with a large network of servers will always have an advantage over those without one. Unfortunately, Trust.Zone falls into the latter category. Surprisingly, this does not affect the speed of its server because Trust.Zone is not as popular as the main VPNs on the market.

Therefore, it is safe to say that it does not yet have many subscribers to overwhelm its few servers. If Trust.Zone does not geometrically increase the speed of its server network as the number of subscribers increases, the speed of the network will certainly decrease over time.

  • Low multiple logins

For the main VPNs, the minimum number of connections you can get is 5, some of them even offer up to 10 simultaneous connections. As for Trust.Zone, this is not the case since it allows only 3 multiple connections as part of an annual subscription. This means that newcomers to VPNs are more likely to opt for services that allow multiple devices to connect at the same time.

  • Lacks other security features

As competition in the VPN industry becomes more and more intense, more and more companies are looking to gain an advantage over others by integrating features that set them apart.

Although Trust.Zone has not been found to be deficient in this regard, much more needs to be done. For example, there is no ad/malware blocker, shared tunneling, and much more. These features give VPNs an advantage over others. 


In conclusion, you may wonder if VPN Trust.Zone is really worth trying, considering all its drawbacks. Maybe you just need to remember that it still has many advantages. We will present them to you once again: easy installation of desktop and mobile applications, no logs or jurisdictional issues, top-notch encryption, easy unlocking, affordable price (which is a good choice for beginners), excellent speed, 30-day money-back guarantee, torrent support, working in China with port 443, 3-day trial period with 1GB bandwidth to go with, etc. 

As you can see, it has a lot to offer. Despite all its merits, we must mention that it is still lagging behind the big names in the industry. As a relatively new service, it has done so well in the short period of time that it has existed.

In fact, it’s good that none of the tests we ran on it failed, which clearly indicates that Trust.Zone simply doesn’t use marketing gimmicks to promote itself. We have to give the team some credit for that, as it is very rare in today’s VPN market. The big question is whether we recommend this VPN. Our answer is simply YES! However, there is a caveat. 

Since the VPN is relatively affordable, we advise you to try it. Maybe you can start with its one- month subscription to see how it works. If all goes well, take it for up to a year as you’ll get a long-term discount. But if you’re not satisfied, forget about it. In any case, don’t hesitate to tell us about your experience afterwards.

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