IPVanish Review 4/5 (15)

IPVanish VPN Review – High Speed VPN Service


Short Information

Number of servers1500+
Server locations75+
Maximum devices supportedUnlimited
LogsNo Logs
Support24/7 Live Chat
Supported Client SoftwareAndroid, ChromeOS, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows,
Windows Phone, Fire TV, Routers
Block AdsNo

IPVanish is one of the best VPN providers in the world, its high speed being ideal for people who broadcast in high definition. VPN was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. IPVanish is famous for its lightning speed and its large number of servers, more than 1500 servers in over 75 locations (many servers are in North America and Europe).

The VPN is compatible with all common operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. You can also manually configure IPVanish to work with Ubuntu and Chromebook.

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IPVanish VPN Key Features

In Russia, IPVanish VPN does not have servers. If you need a VPN service capable of unlocking restricted Russian websites, such as unlocking VK in Ukraine, this VPN will not work. Most popular VPN providers have stopped providing Russian VPN servers. Due to new laws in Russia, VPNs cannot rely on privacy. In the US, IPVanish provides 658 servers in 15 cities. This VPN is the best option to access viewing NFL and other limited US content. 

The VPN is easy to use, offers strong encryption for the security of your personal data and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It is ideal for streaming services and torrent downloads. There are a few drawbacks, such as not being able to access the BBC iPlayer and customer support is not always fast, sometimes you have to wait.

Server Network

Over the years, IPVanish has made a concerted effort to expand its network of servers worldwide. In addition to server distribution, it has over 40,000 assignable IP addresses for millions of users worldwide. At the time of this VPN review, IPVanish has over 1500 VPN servers in over 75 locations worldwide.

Based on its server distribution matrix, IPVanish has most of its servers in North America, with a total of 779 servers. The United States has the most servers with 738 servers, more than any other country in the world. For example, New York City alone has 107 servers. 

Data available on the IPVanish website shows that Canada has 33 servers, while Mexico and Costa Rica share 4 servers each. In contrast, Europe has 462 servers, with the United Kingdom hosting the largest number. In plain terms, the United Kingdom has 97 servers while Amsterdam is the city with the highest distribution of servers per European city with 87 servers. In general, Asia has 66 servers, Oceania 73 servers, South America 32 servers and Africa 13 servers. In addition, IPVanish does not have any virtual servers.

The above information details all the efforts made by IPVanish to improve its server network. It is important that VPN providers have a wide distribution of servers. There is a reason for this. You see, a VPN provider with a wide distribution of servers offers better services than one without.

The reason is that a service provider with a wide distribution of servers will experience less congestion around its servers. If you look at it this way, a provider that boasts more servers will have better speed because the bandwidth will not be shared among its subscribers. 

More importantly, a VPN provider with only a few servers may have to restrict the number of users to satisfy everyone. Second, your actual location will always affect your speed every time you access a VPN. Of course, the closer you are to a VPN server, the better the speed of your network. That’s why it is really commendable that IPVanish makes efforts to show the footprint of its servers all over the world. 

Security & Privacy

In addition to making efforts to expand server coverage worldwide, VPN providers ensure that their users enjoy maximum security. In fact, the vast majority of VPN users subscribe to a network because they want privacy every time they access the Internet. Let us look at the long list of security features that this U.S. VPN company has in this regard.

  • Kill Switch

A Kill Switch is a security feature that is built into most high-end VPN services by default, but not into IPVanish. In IPVanish, it performs the same function as in other VPNs, blocking data flow whenever the VPN is disconnected or there is a network outage. However, it is not enabled by default. If a Kill Switch is embedded in a network, it means that you can suspend its traffic when the VPN starts having technical problems. 

Although most VPNs promise 100% uptime, it is rare that they do not encounter a technical problem from time to time. Therefore, the IPVanish Kill Switch protects your IP address and data when something goes wrong on the network. Since this security feature is not enabled by default in IPVanish, we have enabled it and performed some tests. Yes, it worked very well.

  • Split tunneling

If you are looking for a VPN provider with a shared tunnel, look no further because IPVanish offers it. But if you don’t know what it means, split tunneling allows users to route some traffic through the ISP and then through the VPN. In other words, you can determine which traffic goes through your VPN provider and which goes through your ISP. Normally, your VPN should not allow you to channel traffic through another network than its own. 

However, it does not work in this way for providers with a “split tunneling” feature. When you enable it, it will greatly improve the speed of your network. In addition to improving your speed, split tunneling increases your security, because you can decide what the ISP sees and what they don’t. It is one of the measures IPVanish uses to improve the privacy of subscribers on its network. This feature of IPVanish works well on desktop computers and mobile devices.

  • Encryption protocols

In an effort to encrypt the traffic of its global user community, IPVanish uses AES-256-bit encryption. This is undoubtedly one of the most important measures taken to enhance the privacy and anonymity of users. Also known as military-grade encryption, 256-bit AES ensures that your data is masked so that no one can intercept and crack its contents.

The name “military” is popularized by the U.S. government because it is the standard it currently uses. It simply means that a hacker will have to apply a brute force of 2 to the 256th power before they can penetrate your data. In other words, it is simply impenetrable. 

As far as the VPN protocol is concerned, you’ll enjoy a lot of it with IPVanish. These include OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), IKEv2, L2TP and PPTP. Keep in mind that VPN protocols allow your device to communicate effectively with the VPN.

Because there is an efficient data exchange between your network and the VPN, your device is compatible with the encrypted network provider. We do not recommend that you use PPTP or L2TP protocols as others tend to be more efficient than them. But you can only use it when it becomes absolutely necessary.

  • Leak protection

Every good VPN must-have leak protection. There are two main leak tests we’ve done in this regard: DNS and IPv6 leak tests. DNS leak protection ensures that your IP address and supposedly encrypted data are not exposed to prying eyes. If your VPN suffers a DNS leak, it is a major security breach, which is capable of exposing your IP address and data. Similarly, when there is IPv6 leak protection, the service provider has a mechanism that automatically disables IPv6 traffic if necessary. 

This means that your IPv6 traffic is not also exposed to prying eyes. Next, we tested IPVanish to see if it offers both protections against critical leaks. By performing the leak protection, we discovered that there was no data leak! This is good news for anyone who wants to try this service. Basically, IPVanish blocks your IPv6 while it provides you with IPv4. In doing so, your IPv6 is not leaking. Note that DNS leak protection is provided by the default IPVanish server.

  • Wi-Fi protection

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you become the primary target of hackers. From the bistro to the school, from the airport to the hotel, your smart device is likely to detect a free Wi-Fi connection in any of these locations. This Wi-Fi is known as an unreliable network. In reality, when you share such a Wi-Fi hotspot with cybercriminals, you become vulnerable to their machinations. But this can only happen when you connect to such public Wi-Fi hotspots without a powerful VPN. 

Yes, IPVanish offers Wi-Fi protection. In other words, you don’t have to worry that your private accounts, banking information, passwords, username and other sensitive details can fall into the wrong hands. In fact, IPVanish allows you to channel your traffic through an encrypted channel. Once this is done, you don’t have to worry about hackers and spies anymore. In other words, a hacker will only see encrypted data when he tries to hack into your network. It’s guaranteed peace of mind.

  • TOR compatibility

Essentially, TOR stands for The Onion Router. Basically, TOR is a mesh network of privately hosted locations, nodes or routing relays. Traffic routed through this network is anonymous. It is a network that allows users to securely access the Internet through its encrypted web browser. Is TOR compatible with IPVanish? The answer is simple: YES!

Of course, you can connect IPVanish and the TOR network to improve your security when you go online. This is called the Tor over VPN connection. The TOR/IPVanish connection means that you don’t have to worry about censorship, detection, and invasion of privacy. The reason is simply that this combination adds a layer of encryption to your traffic.

The Onion router allows users from all over the world to connect to and use the network. Connecting to the TOR network may be illegal in some countries where Internet regulation is draconian. When you connect your IPVanish to the TOR network, the speed will be greatly reduced. In addition, the overall performance of the VPN will decrease. So, if speed and performance are important to you, you can use IPVanish without the Onion router. The speed of your network will decrease because the discrete network is very slow. 

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Logging Policy

Just before choosing your ideal VPN, it is important to dig into its operating policy. Every VPN has a privacy or logging policy. A logging policy specifies what the provider does with the personal information of its subscribers. If you have never used a VPN service before, it should matter to you what the providers do with your data, because some of them are involved in illegal activities.

There is no doubt that these unscrupulous activities may compromise your security. Have you ever imagined what happens to your data if a VPN provider sells it to a third party company? Yes, this is a common practice among most VPN companies that provide services completely free of charge. They usually do so because they use the proceeds from these transactions to maintain their IT infrastructure and conduct their day-to-day business.

Based on our findings, they often collect data such as your name, email address, physical addresses, payment information, IP addresses, etc., which is then used to determine whether or not you are a registered user of the service.

While many of them admit that they collect personal information about users, many others clearly violate user trust by keeping this personal information secret. While it is normal for a VPN to collect certain logs to improve its service when it is still new to the industry, it is expected that the company will stop this practice after a while. Thus, any good VPN provider should have a no logging policy.

In addition, you should inquire about the physical location of a VPN provider before subscribing to their service. This is simply because some jurisdictions prohibit the establishment of such businesses. You see, there is a powerful organization known as 5/9/14-Eyes Alliances.

Essentially, the function of this organization is to mandate each member nation to gather files on Internet users in its jurisdiction and share them with others. In short, if a member nation is able to get their hands on your personal information, that information will be shared among its members worldwide. So, you should not be surprised that the UK government has all your information while you live in Canada.

The above criteria are used to determine whether or not a VPN provider provides good security service. As far as IPVanish is concerned, it has a lengthy privacy policy. However, the details are very clear and straightforward. This U.S.-based VPN provider has made it clear that it does not collect your personal information – in whole or in part.

The policy adds that it does not sell its subscriber information because it does not retain it in the first place. We contacted the customer service representative to find out how the company covers its operating costs since it does not retain or sell user data.

In fact, the agent made us understand that this U.S.-based VPN company only makes money by subscribing users. We were amazed by the transparency with which the agent answered our question. The agent also explained to us that the VPN company responds to requests for sensitive information from government agents.

However, it does not give them this information because it does not exist at all. This should answer the question of VPNs operating from the jurisdiction of a 5-Eyes alliance, the United States. Yes, jurisdiction is a concern because the US government and its agencies will always like to pry into the affairs of VPN companies, looking for certain information about their users.

Moving forward, we need to point out that many VPN providers are increasingly subjecting themselves to third party auditing to make sure they don’t have cockroaches in the closet. IPVanish has not yet taken this initiative. On the other hand, we have to give IPVanish some credit because it has never had a bad press lately.

However, it should be kept in mind that in the past, the company cooperated with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). At the time, IPVanish provided information to the intelligence agency on two occasions. This no longer occurs because it simply happened when the company was managed and owned by different teams. Today it is wholly owned by J2 Global, a media holding company.

IPVanish VPN Speed

Server LocationDownload SpeedUpload Speed
New York34 Mbps24 Mbps
Amsterdam82 Mbps43 Mbps
London80 Mbps42 Mbps
Hong Kong7.61 Mbps5.88 Mbps

Another feature of IPVanish that we need to discuss in detail is its speed. The reason for this is that speed is necessary to do everything online. For example, you need good speed for streaming, uploading and downloading, voice over IP, and so on. In fact, there’s nothing you don’t need speed to achieve. Yes, we’ve tested IPVanish to see if it’s good speed otherwise. In our usual style, we used servers from 4 different IPVanish sites. Although the breakdown was presented in table form, we will now discuss our findings.

From this table, we started in North America with one server in New York. The server achieved a download speed of 34 Mbps while the upload speed was 24 Mbps. To be clear, these results are accurate, considering that so much can be achieved online with them. It can be deduced from the result that accessing the Internet from the server in New York will leave users with a fairly good experience.

Then we went to Europe with a stopover in Amsterdam. By running the test on the Amsterdam server, we made sure that the parameters were kept constant. Indeed, the Amsterdam server performed impressively, much better than the New York server. In clear numbers, we recorded a download speed of 82 Mbps and an upload speed of 43 Mbps. This is really excellent performance, as it provides users with an impressive experience when accessing the Internet from the European city.

The next stop was London, a very popular European city. We noticed an infinitesimal drop in speed when we did the test. Despite this drop, we did not notice any latency because the speeds of the London server were amazing. In precise figures, we got 80 Mbps and 42 Mbps in download speed and upload speed respectively. There is no doubt that accessing the Internet from this server will leave the user with a worthwhile experience.  

Finally, we performed the speed test on a server in Hong Kong to get an idea of the IPVanish speed in Asia. Well, Hong Kong servers have traditionally had poor speed and IPVanish servers in China have maintained the status quo with download speeds of 7.61 Mbps and upload speeds of 5.88 Mbps. There is no doubt that the IPVanish server in Hong Kong will certainly be slow, leaving users with a very bad experience.

  • Speed Summary

In summary, we can say that IPVanish has good speed. If we look at the distribution by server location, the servers in New York, Amsterdam and London have excellent speeds. This means that users accessing IPVanish from North America and Europe will have an impressive experience. Apart from the server in Hong Kong, all other servers we tested obviously have impressive speed. 

On average, among the servers used for this sampling, IPVanish has a download speed of 50.90 Mbps. Similarly, IPVanish maintained an average upload speed of 114.88 Mbps. These are undoubtedly very good upload and download speeds. If we compare the speed results to what we’ve collected so far, it’s safe to say that IPVanish has an above-average speed performance.

In addition, there are some facts you need to know about VPN speed. You see, it is likely that you will experience a reduction in speed when connecting a VPN to your Internet Service Provider, as opposed to a direct connection to the Internet through your ISP.

In fact, this is perfectly normal, as VPNs generally slow down the speed of your entire network as soon as a connection is established. However, what makes one VPN better than another is that the disparity between the speed before and after the connection is insignificant. 

This is true for most of the VPNs we have tested, including the top-rated services. In conclusion, other factors can affect the speed of a network, including the speed of the Internet service provider, the location of the user and the processing speed of the computer. Make no mistake, IPVanish has impressive upload and download speeds that are capable of supporting many online activities. Yes, we give it 9/10 because IPVanish is not bad in the speed circus when compared to other high-end VPN services. 

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Customer Service

Customer Service

24-hour supportYes
Type of supportLive Chat
Free trial periodNo
Money-back guarantee30-day

Another essential factor in a good VPN provider is customer service. This is important because when a VPN starts to go haywire or you need technical support, you need to contact them. Note that VPN companies provide online service. Therefore, the customer service agent gives a human face to the service. With the customer service team, you are sure to interact with well-trained agents who will help you overcome the challenges of using a VPN. To evaluate the quality of a VPN customer service, you must use certain criteria.

  • 24/7 availability

One of the unique qualities that distinguishes the VPN is its ability to respond to users’ needs at all times. Note that VPN users are spread all over the world, which means that customer service must always be there for them. It must offer real-time online interaction through its live chat support. Of course, you can tell them about your technical problems or questions, and they will offer solutions at the drop of a hat.

  • Multiple communication channels

A good VPN company should be accessible via multiple communication channels. These channels include e-mail, live chat, contact form, social media, etc. VPNs are increasingly adopting the telephone and Voice over IP. Although telephone communication is still uncommon in the industry, it is a big step in the right direction.

  • Quick response to messages

Activating VPNs on certain devices such as routers requires a certain amount of technical know-how. In fact, you need to have a good knowledge of router configuration to be able to do this. As a result, potential users continue to ask technical questions to customer service agents and file complaints from time to time. A good VPN provider must have a support team that can answer these questions and provides solutions in a timely manner. It also shows how well informed the team is.

  • Hands-on with IPVanish Customer Service

In the table, we have detailed some of the promises made by the IPVanish team. We have put this US-based VPN to the test to make sure it is not just a marketing trick. We started with the first criterion in the table, 24/7 customer service. In terms of 24/7 availability, we contacted them when it was already late in the U.S. to inquire about their money-back guarantee policy.

We received a response a few minutes later saying that the team would honour it within 7 days. Of course, 7 days seems reasonable! In fact, we made our request around 22:10 EST (or 02:10 GMT) and received a reply about 10 minutes later. This clearly shows that IPVanish has an efficient customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, we killed two birds with one stone as we tested the 24/7 customer service and response time.

We then tested other communication channels. First of all, we tried an e-mail. The question we asked the team via their email was on a free trial period. Just before asking the question, we congratulated the team on their efforts to expand their server worldwide.

Well, we received feedback about 9 hours later saying that they didn’t have a free trial period. We should point out that the response time to e-mails is not bad at all. We have reason to believe that because e-mail is never known as a channel of communication where one expects a quick response.

In addition, one really nice thing we like about this service is that they always give a detailed explanation, especially during the live chat. We have continued to explore other communication channels. Although it is not common practice in the industry, you can contact this VPN via a phone number. However, the team only takes calls during working hours in the US. You can get more information on their website. 

Yes, we called the phone number to get more information about their service, and we got some useful information. Of course, the agent who answered the phone was very helpful. You should also take a look at it. However, there is an FAQ page that answers most of the questions you can ask his agents. It contains more than 22 articles, which explain everything you need to know about IPVanish. 

Supported Client Software















It is essential that a VPN provider supports multiple operating systems to transport each potential user. In this section, we will look at some of the platforms supported by IPVanish.

  • Windows

One of the many platforms supported by IPVanish is the Windows operating system. In fact, there is an IPVanish client for Windows. We tested the application and it worked well. In short, it is stable, user-friendly and doesn’t crash. You will get a shutdown switch, leak protection, access to multiple servers worldwide, etc. In addition, you will get a list of locations, the Connect/Disconnect button, a settings page and many other features. 

When you open the Quick Connect panel, you will have access to its attractive keys. From there you can see various connection details, such as server name, connection time, downloaded data, etc. You have access to IKEv2, OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP and PPTP. It runs on Windows 7 SPI and earlier versions. You can also choose between AES 256 and AES 128. Finally, you should know that the kill switch is not enabled by default.

  • Linux

You can still join the millions of IPVanish users worldwide to improve your online security by configuring the VPN on your Ubuntu system. This works well for Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 19.10, and you will have access to two VPN protocols – OpenVPN and PPTP.

IPVanish is a leading VPN provider that offers you two different encryption technologies: AES 128 and 256. You will also have access to a large number of servers. Detailed installation guidelines are available on its website. We did a trial run and it worked perfectly. If you are using Ubuntu, you should try it on your own.

  • macOS

Well, the macOS family is not to be outdone, as IPVanish is easily accessible for them. By downloading, installing and connecting to this VPN, you will have access to its exciting features. Some of these features include zero log and kill switch.

You will also be able to choose from a wide range of VPN protocols, such as OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP and IKEv2. You can choose between port 443 or 1194. In addition, you will benefit from DNS leakage protection and AES 256 encryption is readily available. But beware: you must have iOS X 10.10 and above to take advantage of all these features.

  • Android

If your device is running Android 4.0.3 OS or earlier, you can download the IPVanish client for it. It works well for smartphones and tablets. To get started, you need to visit the Google Play Store on your device to download and install the application. The application works with OpenVPN, and you will get AES 256 encryption for better anonymity. You won’t experience any DNS leaks, and you’ll be able to connect and switch servers effortlessly. 

The speed is very high and you will have access to countless servers worldwide. It opens with a simple quick login screen that displays your IP address, location, target country list, city and server. You will also see the Connect screen that allows you to quickly connect online. As soon as you’re online, you’ll notice that the application starts displaying a scrolling graph in real-time.

  • iOS

Just like Android users, you can visit the Apple Store from your device to download and install this client. It works well with your iPhone and iPad. You launch it with the Quick Connect screen as in other clients. When you launch the application, you’ll see your IP address, location, and other VPN information. You’ll also notice that the default country is the United States – no matter where you are. As you browse the web, you’ll see the Internet traffic graph on the screen. 

You can choose your preferred location from a simpler text list, making the application easy to use. You will have to choose between IKEv2 and IPsec. Feel free to set it to connect automatically if you wish. Guess what, you’ll get unbreakable encryption with AES 256 encryption. But then you’ll have iOS 11 and older to make it work with your device.

  • Router

If you have a DD-WRT router, you can configure IPVanish to protect all other devices that are not compatible with a VPN. This works with OpenVPN, and you will have access to AES 256 encryption when the VPN starts working on the smart device. You can either choose a pre-configured router or configure it yourself.

Remember that you need to be a technician to be able to do the manual configuration. Detailed instructions are available on the website. For manual configuration, IPVanish is compatible with Asus, Belkin, Buffalo, Linksys (Cisco) and D-Link. After manually configuring your router, you can connect all your game consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation.

In addition to game consoles, you can connect Apple TV, Android TV, Kindle/Readers, etc. You can also connect your Fire TV independently, but it must be running on Android 4.0.3 and earlier. With all these devices connected to your route, you don’t have to worry about their safety. Remember that IPVanish allows you to connect unlimited devices and share connection data with them at the same time. In addition to DD-WRT, other firmware is available: Tomato, Asus-WRT and Merlin.

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Browser Extensions



In fact, there is an IPVanish Chrome browser extension, which works on multiple platforms. The browser extension allows you to extend your online security to your browser. Unfortunately, the extension is only available to Chrome users.

When you download this add-on, you will need to choose between L2TP and OpenVPN. Similarly, you will need to choose between AES 128 and 256. Both encryption standards work well, but the latter offers better anonymity. To make it work, you need some configuration.

As you already know, the browser proxy encrypts your browser’s traffic, but it does not protect all the applications on your smart device. Since this plugin only protects your online activities, you can combine it with your OS client to protect your applications. This browser extension allows you to benefit from online data encryption, have a hidden IP address, access geoblocked sites, have top-notch Wi-Fi security, and block malicious websites.

You can get this plugin by visiting the Google Play store with your Chrome OS device. If your device is not supported by the store, there is also another way to get this plugin; it is detailed on the IPVanish website. IPVanish does not have a browser extension for Firefox. You can only configure a SOCKS5 proxy in Firefox.

Torrenting with IPVanish VPN

By definition, a torrent is the downloading of peer-to-peer (P2P) files via the BitTorrent protocol. These files can be music, movies, TV series, software, etc. Over time, torrenting has become controversial because most torrents share copyrighted material without the consent of the owners.

Since content owners disapprove of this practice, they have collaborated with the relevant government authorities to prosecute or fine these trolls. We need to establish here that torrent laws vary from country to country. However, if you want to practice torrenting without looking over your shoulders, you need the IPVanish for that. IPVanish allows P2P activities on its network.

While many VPN providers rarely admit publicly that they support the torrent, IPVanish has a different position on the torrent because its support is made public. As you saw in our speed test, IPVanish has excellent speed. This makes it a top-notch VPN for torrenting. In fact, it has many servers fully optimized for this purpose.

Indeed, you should never torrent with a VPN provider that would slow down your download speed. In addition, we have taken the time to explain all the measures it has put in place to protect its users. You should give it a try. Just before you start, it’s in your best interest to find out about local torrent laws. 

Netflix Access with IPVanish VPN

You are probably interested in unlocking Netflix because you like watching movies and/or TV series. From one region to another, the American streaming giant entertains residents with the latest movies and TV series. If you are more interested in US Netflix, its catalog is only for people based in the United States.

Curiously, Americans who have left their country can’t watch its movies and TV programs either. Netflix offers geoblocked and paid streaming services. But IPVanish can help you change the stories! Yes, IPVanish can unlock Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Although this VPN has not been able to unlock the streaming service in the past, we were able to access the site when we tried it before writing this review. So you can use IPVanish to bypass the Netflix firewall and get access to the very important American library.

Again, since this VPN has impressive speed, you will enjoy high definition movies. You are well aware that you will never be able to enjoy movies when they are buffered. Well, that doesn’t happen when you watch Netflix with IPVanish.

You might want to pay attention: Just as the streaming company is always looking for viewers who use VPNs to access their site to block their IPs, IPVanish is obviously at the top of its game since it has 40,000 IPs to share. In addition, it has 738 servers in the US that you can connect to unblock the streaming site. If that’s not great, then what is? 

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IPVanish VPN Cons

Here are some of the drawbacks of IPVanish:

  • Unblocking capability

While IPVanish can bypass Netflix, it cannot bypass BBC iPlayer. This means that its fans will not consider subscribing IPVanish cannot bypass the UK site. This is a big disadvantage.

  • No malware blocker

One of the ways VPNs protect their users is by embedding anti-malware so they are not exposed to malware attacks. Unfortunately, IPVanish does not yet have this feature.

  • Location

Just as this US-based VPN provider has always tried to defuse the mindset of users, its US base will always be an issue as the US is a member of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliances. To add insult to injury, it has even cooperated with the FBI in the past.

Conclusion About IPVanish VPN

Without mince words, this IPVanish VPN review has been read at length because we have done extensive testing and research on this VPN. The most important thing is without a doubt to give you all the details you need to make an informed decision. You know the devil is in the detail. That being said, we have to admit that IPVanish has the characteristics of a top-notch VPN.

From speed to security, from unlock ability to torrent, from good customer service to a relatively good server distribution, and then allowing unlimited devices to connect at the same time. We have not previously mentioned that IPVanish does not outsource the management of its servers to third party companies. 

This is a crucial advantage it has over other high-end VPNs. These are the benefits you can get from using IPVanish. We almost pointed out that it has a few flaws, particularly its U.S. base and track record. Again, it wouldn’t allow a third party audit.

So are we recommending it? Yes, but not without a caveat. You see, if you are new to IPVanish VPN, it offers you a great way to start your VPN journey. On the other hand, if you’ve used an average VPN and want to get to the next border, you may want to consider other VPNs. Past registrations and IPVanish’s current location are always a concern. They should not be swept under the rug.

The advantage is that you can get 30-day money-back guarantee. Nevertheless, we have explained everything you should expect in this VPN. Yes, what you see is what you get. All in all, IPVanish VPN is a decent enough VPN provider for beginners. As a VPN beginner, you should try it today!

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