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Ivacy VPN Review – Secure VPN Service

ivacy vpn

Short Information

Number of servers2000+
Server locations100+
Maximum devices supported10
LogsNo Logs
Support24/7 Live Chat
Supported Client SoftwareWindows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Blackberry, SmartTV, Router, Kodi, AmazonFireTV, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Raspberry Pi
Block AdsYes

In spite of the fact that it joined the fray a long time ago, Ivacy is a VPN firm that has remained relatively unknown to many people in the industry.

So, feel free to label this company anything but new as it has been on the block since 2007. It is the product of PMG Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based company. In case you do not know, Singapore is a country that is geographically located in maritime Southeast Asia. This service styles itself as the winner of The Fastest VPN of 2019.

You may be wondering, “Is it truly an award-winning VPN or yet another marketing gimmick?” Well, you will get to find out all that and more in this exhaustively researched Ivacy VPN review. In the end, you will find this piece useful because it will help you decide whether to settle on this Singaporean service or not.

One promise you will get from us is that you will not have to bother with reading other reviews after going through this informative guide. With that being said, we will briefly highlight its most important features.

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Key Features of Ivacy VPN

If you wish to ditch another VPN in favor of this service, you will enjoy loads of useful features. Just before we walk you through the features this company offers, it will interest you to know that Ivacy pioneered the “split tunneling” technology about a decade ago. In addition to spearheading that innovative technology in 2010, this Singapore-based provider has gone ahead to incorporate other impressive features.

These key features include malware protection, unlimited bandwidth, military grade AES-256 encryption, over 766 servers hosted in over 100 locations, availability in China, simultaneous logins of up to 10 devices, 24-hour live chat support, internet kill switch, 7-day free trial period, 30-day money-back guarantee, no-logs policy, Bitcoin payment option, torrenting support, and a host of other great features. Having seen all the perks that you can snag when you go for this VPN, we will discuss them in detail in a flash.

Server Network

Ivacy has made concerted efforts to expand its server network in order to capture the most strategic parts of the world. With about 2000+ servers in over 100 locations, this company may just be physically present in your city or a city nearby.

Its servers are capable of providing capacity for lots of activities, chiefly streaming, encryption, torrenting, and many others. A close look at its footprints shows that it is well represented in North America with 129 servers. The United States has 75, and Canada has 21, while Mexico boasts 23.

Moving downward to South America reveals that Ivacy has 79 servers across the continent. The detailed breakdown shows that there are 18 in Brazil, 20 in Chile, 27 in Columbia, and 14 in Peru. By far, Europe has the largest concentration of Ivacy servers as the continent is home to 303.

The details show that the UK is fully covered with 58. Germany boasts 29, and the Netherlands has 22. Italy and Bulgaria have 15 each, while the Czech Republic has 20. The list goes on.

On the other hand, Asia is home to 149 servers. Indonesia leads the pack with 29. The UAE has 17, and the Philippines has 15. There are 15 in Kuwait and just 7 in Hong Kong. Coming to Oceania, there are 44 servers with Australia taking 23, while New Zealand hosts 21.

Lastly, Africa is not left out as the continent is fully included in Ivacy’s operations with 62 servers. On the continent, Seychelles leads the rest with 22, which is followed by Egypt with 21. South Africa hosts 10. Ghana is home to 5 servers, and Nigeria has the least servers with just 4. 

Over the years, this Singapore-based company has continuously expanded its footprint. Well, there are two cogent reasons why they have made an effort to expand their networks. Firstly, such firms with vast coverage offer better services than those that do not because their subscribers do not experience congestion. You see, having a vast server distribution means that customers will not have to struggle to connect to the internet at the same time.

Conversely, a firm with a few servers may have to throttle some subscribers just to accommodate everyone trying to access the network. Secondly, your geographic location will always affect your speed. That is, the closer your physical location is to a server, the better your speed. So, it makes perfect sense when these companies continuously expand their coverage in order to improve user experience regardless of their geographic locations.

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Privacy and Security

Just before you consider giving Ivacy a try, you must take into consideration the measures it has put in place to ensure that your data is secure, anonymous, and private. Let’s check out its key security features.

  • Kill switch

One of the features you will certainly enjoy when you subscribe to Ivacy is access to a kill switch. Indeed, it is an essential security feature that ensures your data remains leakproof. Well, it severs your data flow when a VPN connection starts acting up.

There are some occasions where the VPN disconnects and reconnects a few seconds later. Within the interval, data could leak to prying eyes. This is a major vulnerability of VPNs.

However, the kill switch ensures that your IP address and other information are not exposed to those who should not see them. These people could be ISPs or government spies.

The VPN is able to keep you safe because your connection is routed through its encrypted tunnel. Upon suspending it, your traffic will stop, thus preventing your data and IP address from being exposed to eavesdroppers. Once it is activated, your data is safe. 

  • Split tunneling

As we mentioned earlier, Ivacy was the first to launch and bring the split tunneling feature into the limelight. When it is enabled, it means you get the option of routing your data through your VPN or elsewhere like directly through your ISP. By definition, split tunneling is a multifunctional feature that allows you to decide how to route your traffic.

Put simply, you can determine which traffic routes through your VPN tunnel and which traffic goes through your ISP by selecting the appropriate apps or websites. This makes perfect sense when you think of the fact that some online banking services are not available to VPN users.

Also, some companies do not allow customers to route their traffic from VPNs because doing so will greatly affect their bandwidth. So, instead of pushing the VPN button on and off, the best bet is to enable split tunneling for those apps and sites that do not allow traffic from VPNs.

When you do that, you will maintain your online security and privacy when you access other online services even as you stick to the requirements of the services that forbid the use of VPNs. Ivacy offers split tunneling on Windows, Android, and routers.

  • Encryption standard

As an Ivacy user, you are certainly going to enjoy top-notch security, thanks to SSL or AES 256-bit encryption. Importantly, the network is capable of supporting AES 256-bit encryption. Today, it is popularly known as military-grade encryption.

It is the most advanced and celebrated encryption in the industry. With the algorithm, you can be sure of a 256-bit cipher key. In combination with AES-256, the cybersecurity firm provides an exchange key with 4096-bit RSA and HMAC with SHA-384 for message authentication.

We must not fail to mention that there is perfect forward secrecy, which ensures that your encrypted message is not cracked if the encryption key is compromised. With regard to protocols, this service offers a good number of them. These include IKEv2/IPsec, SSTP, OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), and L2TP/IPSec. The speed and level of encryption vary from one protocol to another.

Because OpenVPN relies on SSL/TLS, it is the most encrypted protocol in the industry. Consequently, it is the most popular. On the other hand, L2TP is the best for torrenting while IKEv2 is commonly used on mobile devices. All these are the measures this firm has put in place to guarantee its users excellent security and privacy.

  • DNS leak protection

Every VPN that cares about user privacy must have DNS leak protection. But what does it typically mean? You see, your personal information is exposed to your ISP and the world when you browse the internet directly from your ISP server. But when you introduce a VPN, it provides an encrypted tunnel for routing your requests. The implication is that your ISP and other web users will not be able to view what you do online anymore.

From the General tab, you can locate the IPv6 Leak Protection option in Ivacy. Well, we tested this service to find out if it really offers this functionality. By preventing IPv6 leaks, you are automatically reducing the vulnerabilities that come with the new internet protocol.

We used relevant web tools to test if our IP address leaked when we browsed the web, but we did not notice any leaks. If you wish to conduct the test yourself, make sure you do it before and after Ivacy has been connected. With that test, it is crystal clear that this service has DNS leak protection.

  • Wi-Fi protection

There are a number of methods that cybercriminals use to steal from people when they connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots. These include man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, malicious hotspots (otherwise known as evil twin attacks), malware injection, and Wi-Fi sniffing.

Indeed, public Wi-Fi facilities are increasingly becoming dangerous as intruders can easily connect to them to steal from others who use such facilities. When you connect to them, you become the prime target of hackers as they see the network as a gold mine. Free Wi-Fi hotspots are readily available at airport lounges, coffee shops, bistros, colleges, hotels, etc.

Because these Wi-Fi networks are free of charge, any smart device can connect to them. Once you are connected, hackers may steal your private information such as login details, bank account information, photos and videos, your home address, etc. Make no mistake about it; all public Wi-Fi hotspots are hackable. This is why they are tagged as “untrusted networks.”

However, Ivacy comes in handy to channel your traffic through its encrypted tunnel, thus ensuring that your connection remains exceptionally secure. Once you are connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot using Ivacy, hackers will only see encrypted data when they try to tamper with your connection because your IP address will be masked.

At this point, you can do whatever you wish to do without fear that your information can be compromised. This is one of the unique services you get to enjoy when you subscribe to this VPN. We tried it and can assure you that it works well.

  • TOR compatibility

If you use Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS, we are glad to announce to you that you can enjoy TOR over VPN if you subscribe to this VPN. With just a click, you can effortlessly establish the connection. Basically, TOR means The Onion Router (TOR), and it is a free program that offers high-level anonymity. It is a brainchild of the US Navy.

The network works by relaying your traffic across its two servers. Just before the traffic is relayed, it is encrypted for foolproof security. But then, you can connect a VPN to the network to enable the user to receive an extra layer of encryption.

In short, most VPN subscribers are aware of that fact and want to see their service work seamlessly with The Onion Router. Despite that, this technology has some flaws. For instance, it is notorious for playing host to the dark web.

Consequently, TOR is not legal in some countries. So, many authoritarian governments have publicly outlawed its use in their domains. Well, you can create such a medium on Ivacy in order to improve your privacy. This connection is known as Onion over VPN.

However, you can only connect these two networks when you subscribe to Ivacy. With the dual connection, your security cannot be compromised because both the government and ISP cannot detect users’ access to TOR.

In spite of the top-notch security you get to enjoy from Ivacy over TOR, the dual connection significantly reduces your network speed and overall network performance. A guide on how to build the dual network connection is available on the Ivacy site. 

  • Malware blocker

One of the benefits you can enjoy from Ivacy is a malware-blocking feature. When you download certain files online, they include trojan horses that infect your computer files and destroy them later. Sometimes, malware comes along with ads that always pop up whenever you browse the web. Just to get you to click on the ads, they make juicy promises. The fact of the matter is that those ads could be scams, malware, spyware, etc.

If it is spyware, it means that the developer is tracking you and your online activities. In a similar vein, when ransomware infects your computer, it significantly reduces the speed of your computer. Well, Ivacy ensures that you are not exposed to those viruses by scanning for malware whenever you download a new file on to your system.

By protecting you from malware, it means you will not be susceptible to the machinations of cyber thieves. With online real-time scanning, you can count on Ivacy to safeguard you from malicious pop-ups and spam emails that creep into the systems of everyday internet surfers.

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Logging Policy

As competition in the VPN industry gets tougher, many key players continue to fashion logging policies to protect the interests of their subscribers. Has Ivacy VPN joined the trend? Just before we discuss how this Singapore-based company has structured its logging policy, we will dissect the major criteria for assessing good privacy policy.

  • Policy details

Under policy details, we analyze the policies the company has put in place to protect its users from lurkers. If you have not used VPN service before, what they do with your personal information should matter to you because some of them are involved in some negative activities.

As a would-be subscriber, these unscrupulous actions are capable of undermining your personal security. Did you know that your data could be sold to third-party companies? Guess what? Some of them actually sell users’ data to the highest bidders just to make money.

The idea is to use the proceeds of such transactions to foot their bills. From our findings, these providers usually collect names, email addresses, physical addresses, payment details, IP addresses, etc. In the end, the information is sold to the highest bidder.

You see, while a good number of these companies admit to logging users’ personal information, others do not. In the end, some within the two categories of companies sell your data. Despite this, the industry best practice is for VPN companies to have a no-logs or zero-logs policy, which means that they do not keep users’ data or logs.

  • Company location

Also, you have to find out the physical location of your preferred VPN. Indeed, it must matter to you as there are some jurisdictions that are not a good fit for operating such firms. The reasoning behind this is that they have data retention laws. Moreover, when the information is retained, government authorities can have access to it. To make matters worse, there is a global alliance known as the 5/9/14-Eye Alliance.

The 5/9/14-Eye Alliance mandates that its member nations gather intelligence on internet users in their jurisdictions and share it with the rest when the need arises. Therefore, if a member nation is able to gather your personal information, the information will be distributed across the group.

The members include the US, the UK, Denmark, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands. If your provider is based in any of these aforementioned countries, you have to ditch it.

  • Track record

Just like every other industry out there, the track record of VPN firms means a lot in the cybersecurity landscape. For example, if such a company is involved in shady activities or spying with government authorities, then it has a questionable track record.

The truth is that nobody should ever consider subscribing to a service that has given government officials some information belonging to its users just to nab them. Well, there are a couple of VPN firms that have done that in the past. Don’t get us wrong; While giving out subscribers’ information might improve national security, it is an outright breach of trust.

Another nice move is the idea of VPN firms opening their books to external auditors. These firms are increasingly embracing the move. After each audit, the report is made public in order to gain confidence and build trust.

  • Getting hands-on with Ivacy

So, we dug deeper to find out if this company truly honors its no-logs policy. To be honest, it is not uncommon to see many VPN companies claim to have one. But in reality, it is not implemented to the letter. With respect to Ivacy, this company not only has a no-logs policy in place, but it also strictly adheres to the policy.

This is so reassuring because the zero-logs policy has become a mere gimmick in the industry lately. We must point out, however, that this VPN keeps just a subscribers’ name, payment method, and email address.

The good thing is that your name, payment method, and email address cannot really be used against you. The policy is transparent enough to state that the company uses Google Analytics for traffic analysis. While this may not be ideal, it is safe to say that it is far better than most of what other competitors offer.

More importantly, the firm does not collect your traffic logs, bandwidth information, and log durations. An excerpt of its logging policy reads, “We have no information that could associate specific activities to specific users.” With this, it goes to show that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

With respect to the company location, we have to say here that Singapore is a great place to locate such firms because it has no business with the intelligence-sharing organizations. In recent years, there are claims that the Singaporean government works with the intelligence-gathering alliance. Nevertheless, these claims have not been substantiated.

Plus, as a way of upholding the transparency of the VPN industry, this company has become EU GDPR-compliant and a member of US Cyber Security Alliance. The aim of joining the alliance is to show that this Singapore-based company has no cockroaches in its closet. Additionally, it has made promises that it will come clean with its operational details in the coming years.

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Speed of Ivacy VPN

Server LocationDownload SpeedUpload Speed
New York45.86 Mbps43.92 Mbps
Amsterdam53.04 Mbps25.39 Mbps
London53.24 Mbps33.36 Mbps

Speed is yet another factor you must consider in your ideal VPN because you need it to do virtually everything online. For instance, you want excellent speed to download and upload files, make and receive calls, chat, play online games, and do other fun things. As a result, we performed a series of speed tests on Ivacy using 4 different server locations. As you already know, this is an element of our tradition here. Now, we will briefly explain the whole process.

Well, we started the speed test with the server in New York just to grasp what it feels like connecting to a North American server location. We were absolutely delighted to see a relatively good speed as the download speed sat at 45.86 Mbps while the upload speed was 43.92 Mbps.

In truth, these results are relatively cool when you compare them to those of top-rated VPN service providers. An observation is that there really is not much difference between the upload and download speeds.

The next stop was the Dutch city of Amsterdam. Actually, it is the first location we are using to gauge Ivacy’s servers in Europe. We performed the same test on the Amsterdam-based server, ensuring that the parameters remained constant. To our surprise, we were startled with the performance of the service as its download speed spiked to 53.04 Mbps.

Unfortunately, its upload speed tanked to 25.39 Mbps. In fact, these results are encouraging because it simply reveals that users would have a great time accessing the internet from the European city. Unlike our first test, there was a wide margin between the two speeds.

Moving on, we proceeded to London to help us form an opinion about using this VPN in our second European city. More often than not, this continent has more VPN server locations than any other continent. Well, we monitored the performance and noticed an appreciable improvement of both the download and upload speeds. In fact, we recorded 53.24 Mbps and 33.36 Mbps as download speed and upload speed, respectively. Unarguably, one can say from the speed results that they are excellent.

Finally, we carried out a test on the server in Hong Kong. From our previous speed results, the Chinese city always has a poor speed performance. Sadly, the tests kept failing each time we tried them. There is no doubt that this is quite disappointing given the excellent speed performances we have witnessed so far. However, it does not mean that the server is completely useless. Users who connect to the servers in Hong Kong will likely have a different result.

  • Summary of speed

Coming to the summary of Ivacy’s speed, we will assume that we did the test on 3 servers as we did not get any useful results from the Hong Kong server. From our speed results, we can categorically state that Ivacy speed is very good. Except for the Hong Kong server, the rest of the servers continued to improve on the speed front as we went from one server location to another.

While the New York server tried to bridge the margin between the download and upload speeds, the same cannot be said of the rest of the servers. With respect to the average speed of the cities we sampled, the download speed was 50.71 Mbps while the upload speed was 34.22 Mbps. From these figures, it is abundantly clear that the speed of Ivacy is very good.

Aside from those connected to Hong Kong, users will have an awesome internet experience with this encrypted network because the speed is great. Returning to our tradition of stating certain facts, it is very normal for VPNs to slow down the speed of your ISP (local network) at the moment a connection is established.

Well, other factors that may affect a network speed include the source speed (speed of your ISP), user’s location, and computer’s processing speed. What this means is that you can perform the speed test and get an entirely different result if the parameters are not the same.

In conclusion, this VPN’s very good speed will allow you to enjoy accessing the internet via its servers. In regards to our verdict, we will rate it 7/10. Sure, the rating would have been much better than this, but our hands are tied because of the abysmal performance of the Hong Kong servers.

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Ivacy VPN Customer Service

Customer Service

24-hour supportYes
Type of supportLive chat
Free trial period7-day
Money-back guarantee30-day

Customer service reps are important because they answer your questions and help you with technical support when you need them. By and large, we use 4 yardsticks for measuring overall help desk performance. Now, let’s check them out.

  • Swift response to messages

A good cybersecurity firm must respond to its messages quickly. Truly, swift responses to messages is very crucial to VPN users when there is a tech emergency. Apart from emergencies, some agents provide remote configuration services on the go.

So, it is perfectly fine for newbies to contact them at once and receive responses in a jiffy when they run out of ideas. A good VPN firm must have a help desk that is capable of proffering solutions the moment problems come up. It also illustrates that they are knowledgeable, helpful, and capable.

  • Many communication channels

Also, a good service provider must be accessible via multiple communication mediums. These channels include live chat, email, contact form (ticketing), social media, telephone, etc. We must emphasize that having multiple communication channels is one thing.

Being able to respond to messages via those mediums early enough is quite another. In other words, they should not just have these channels but must also willingly respond to the barrage of messages that flood the channels.  

  • 24/7 availability

Every good help desk must be available day in and day out. Notice that VPN users are scattered around the world, meaning that the agents must be working all the time to attend to these users. Because the users have different time zones, the provider must be readily available to support the users whenever they need some form of help. In the industry, top-tier providers offer real-time online interaction via live chat support.

  • Rich knowledge base

Lastly, its knowledge base should be rich so as to answer a good number of questions that the prospective subscribers are likely to ask. When that is achieved, it reduces the chances of people always contacting the help desk. It is safe to say that every VPN provider has a knowledge base. Nevertheless, the richness of these pages varies.

  • Hands-on with Ivacy help desk

In this segment, we put this cybersecurity service to the test to assess how effective or otherwise its customer service is. Admittedly, we never expected so much from this team because this is not a large company. Starting with 24-hour availability, we contacted the service via its live chat at 6 PM local time to make some inquiries about its service including questions about its money-back guarantee policy.

Well, we got a response a couple of minutes later saying that the firm honors it within 30 days. Let’s give the agent some credit as it was evident that he was friendly and helpful. There is no doubt that the company uses its 30-day money-back guarantee policy to win prospective users’ confidence.

To run a test on the rest of the available communication channels, we contacted the team via email. In the email, we made some other inquiries about the company including requesting information on its well-publicized 7-day free trial period. Essentially, we needed an official confirmation and to assess their response time with email. In only five hours, we received a reply explaining that they have a 7-day free trial period.

The good thing about this free trial period is that you get to enjoy all the benefits that come with this VPN. How awesome is that! We must point out that the agent who responded to our email gave a detailed explanation with a link to learn more about Ivacy’s services on the FAQ page (to be discussed later). Moving on, we advise that you send emails if you need a detailed explanation of technical questions but use live chat support if you need urgent answers or assistance.

Furthermore, we have to go back to the knowledge base. You will notice that it has a search field that enables you to search for particular information you may want to know about the VPN. For instance, you can input “kill switch” into the search field. When you do that and search, the search will return all the topics related to a “kill switch.” This makes the page even more user-friendly and interesting.

Also, upon visiting the page, you will find out that it contains tons of articles that discuss the interesting features of the VPN. The FAQ section fills multiple pages. So, we strongly advise that you visit this page to learn more about the service before contacting its help desk. Sure, you should contact the team if you are not satisfied with the knowledge base.

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Supported Client Software























Most prospective VPN users want to see a service that supports a wide spectrum of operating systems. Does Ivacy VPN support all the popular platforms? Well, let’s find out together.

  • Windows

Those who use Windows have absolutely nothing to worry about as they are often considered a top priority in the cybersecurity industry. We downloaded and installed this client just to understand how it works. In truth, it looks like the rest of the clients we have tested. But then, we must admit that it is user-friendly. You can easily connect to the server of your choice by clicking on the Connect button.

There is a left-hand toolbar that enables you to choose servers for different tasks. Also, you can click on Streaming to unblock an array of streaming sites. On the other hand, there is Unblocking, which helps you to circumvent some geo-blocked sites. Other features include Secure Download, Settings, etc. From Settings, you can choose a number of VPN protocols. Lastly, you will need Windows 7 or later to enjoy this service.

  • Linux

You can join the growing network of users who depend on this service to improve their online security and privacy. To do that, you can download, install, and configure this command-line app on your Linux systems. With this, you will bring Ivacy’s great features to your computer. It is convenient to use and easy to connect and has top-notch security.

Other features include an internet kill switch, Wi-Fi security, and a host of others. To enjoy all these features, you will need to have one of the following Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, or CentOS. The installation guide is available on the site, and you will have access to PPTP or SSTP protocols.

  • macOS

Well, the macOS family is not left out as Ivacy is readily available to it. Do you use a macOS computer? If yes, you can get started by visiting the Apple App Store from your computer to download and install this client. You should give Ivacy client for macOS a try. Indeed, you can connect to any of the available servers by following a simple 3-stage process.

Once you are done, you will also enjoy unlimited bandwidth, torrenting, multiple login support, etc. You can follow the easy 3-stage process to install it on your platform. This client works with Sierra and newer versions of macOS. With it, you will unblock sites and enjoy rock-solid security, secure browsing from the Safari browser, and online privacy, etc.

  • Android

To get started with the Ivacy client for Android, you will have to visit the Google Play Store from your device to download and install the app. When you have done that, you will launch the app on your mobile device. This client has a kill switch, multiport mode, etc. We installed it to browse through the app and enjoyed the experience.

It works well with Android Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow, and Lollipop. With the usual 3-step installation process, you can get started with this app. You can stream, unblock, and download from the same connection mode. Just so you know, you should feel free to contact the customer care agent if you face any technical challenges with this app. Yes, the feature is available on this device.

  • iOS

Well, you can visit the App Store from your device to download and install the Ivacy client on iPhone and iPad. We gave it a try. Believe it or not, the app is not bad at all. You need to have iOS 10.0 or later as those are the versions this client is compatible with. The setup guide is readily available, and the process can be completed manually.

The PPTP, IKEv2, and L2TP protocols work well on this operating system. Just like others who enjoy amazing features, you will get top-notch security, access to many geo-blocked streaming sites, torrenting, etc. If you are having troubles installing this app, you can check out the detailed installation guides on the Ivacy website. 

  • Router

Yes, Ivacy can be configured on your router for many different reasons. First off, there are certain devices that are not compatible with a VPN. In order to secure such devices, you need to connect them to a router. Some of the devices include your game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.

Secondly, you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously; this is yet another perk you enjoy when you use this service. You will need firmware that is compatible with VPN to connect all the devices of your choice.

However, Ivacy offers you the option of either a preconfigured router or performing a manual installation on your router. Moving on, if you must manually configure Ivacy on your router, it has to have certain firmware. These include DD-WRT, OpenWRT, AsusWRT, or Tomato.

Additionally, you will have to do the configuration using PPTP. Lastly, you have absolutely nothing to worry about because the installation and activation processes are easy to understand. You must have the premium plan before you access this service anyway.

  • Other platforms and devices

Ivacy also works well with a number of other devices. These devices include BlackBerry, Amazon TV, SmartTV, Roku, Raspberry Pi, Kindle Fire, Chromecast, and Kodi. Depending on the device you wish to go for, there are different protocols for them. With Ivacy, you can be sure that these devices are protected while you connect to the internet and enjoy them. Put simply, you can use them to bypass restrictions on streaming, gaming, and betting sites.

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Browser Extensions





Are you wondering about the browser extensions this VPN supports? If so, wonder no more! Ivacy has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. With this platform-wide support, you are sure to keep your online activities anonymous and secure. We downloaded and installed the plugins for the browsers to be sure that this VPN lived up to expectations.

Upon testing the plugins, most of the features worked well. So, we were not let down. The part you will like the most is that they are offered free of charge. You can join the growing number of users who depend on these add-ons to secure their online activities by following the easy 3-stage installation process. They are quite easy to use and connect to the internet instantly.

Furthermore, the unlimited server switching functionality ensures that you keep moving from one server to another. Because these plugins merely protect your web browser’s online activities, you can combine them with your device client to safeguard your applications.

Notice that if you do not extend the protection to your apps, you are practically exposing to cybercriminals the apps, which do not go through the web browsers to connect to the internet. This, no doubt, is a mistake you cannot afford to make.

Torrenting with Ivacy VPN

Sure, Ivacy is a torrenting-friendly VPN. In case you do not know, torrenting simply refers to the download of peer-to-peer (P2P) files via the BitTorrent protocol. These files could be music, movies, TV shows, software, etc. Over time, torrenting has become controversial because most torrenters usually share copyrighted materials without the consent of their rightful owners.

Today, copyright infringement lawsuits have filled the industry, compelling VPNs to shy away from torrent support. Despite the fact that many VPNs do not openly show support for torrenting, Ivacy does not seem to give a hoot.

If you are torrenting from your ISP, you are likely to get warning notes from your ISP. Sometimes, they throttle your network when you download P2P files because you are eating up a lot of bandwidth. With Ivacy, you can be sure of enjoying an excellent download speed.

Nonetheless, we strongly advise that you find out your local laws on torrenting as some governments around the world frown on it. For instance, you risk jail time when you share copyrighted materials in the United Kingdom. Again, you do not have to worry about your privacy with Ivacy because they protect your logs.

You will not be negatively affected even if you are torrenting with the uTorrent client or any other BitTorrent clients for that matter. Ivacy will protect your IP address, prevent your ISP from throttling you, use port forwarding to block servers and clients from accessing your computer, and keep your online activities anonymous.

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Netflix Access with Ivacy VPN

Although this Singapore-based service suffered some setbacks with Netflix in the past, it has, however, bounced back now. You can catch your entertaining flicks and TV shows on Netflix using Ivacy VPN. Yes, this service is capable of unblocking the firewalls of the streaming giant without any hassles.

You can bypass the firewalls of any Netflix of your choice, despite not being physically present in such locations. For instance, you probably know that only US residents can access the files of American Netflix, which has the biggest movie-streaming library. In other words, you will be missing over 5,400 TV shows and flicks that are not available elsewhere if you cannot access the US Netflix.

But this VPN can help you unlock Netflix from anywhere in the world. The following regional Netflix works well with Ivacy: US, Japan, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, and Germany. Given its excellent speed, you will enjoy the high-definition streaming in the comfort of your home or office. We all know how annoying streaming can be when it starts buffering.

Even though the streaming company is always looking to block viewers who use VPNs to access their site, Ivacy is obviously on top of its game. The thing is that this cybersecurity firm has many servers that you can use to circumvent the streaming site’s attempts to block access. Sure, we tried it, and it worked well. You should try it too.

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Ivacy VPN Cons

Having come this far, it is important we discuss some Ivacy failings.

  • Server network

Most premium VPNs have between 3,000 and 5,000 servers around the world, but this service has just over 2,000 servers hosted in over 100 locations. In fact, a need exists for this service to ramp up its coverage. It also should work on its Hong Kong servers.

  • Transparency audit

Ivacy has yet to come clean in regards to its operations. This has become a common practice that Ivacy has yet to embrace. 


To wrap up this well-researched guide, we will quickly recap the features that make this VPN a must-have service. These features are stellar security, the ability to unblock Netflix, support for torrenting, up to 10 device connections, robust support for many operating systems, easy-to-use apps, malware-blocking capability, etc. On the downside, there are rumors that the Singaporean government works with the 5-Eye Alliance.

However, this VPN has not experienced any scandals in the past. Yes, it is still in our good books. So, do we recommend it? Yes, we do. You have absolutely nothing to worry about as you can count on its 30-day money-back guarantee. Sure, this is ample time to make up your mind. This guide has provided all you need to make an informed decision. So, go ahead and subscribe! Like we always say, be sure that you share your experience when you subscribe. Have fun!

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